Panthers looking for answers, but there may be no quick fix for the offensive line – The Athletic

When a team withdraws from injury the entire left side of its offensive line, as the Panthers did on Wednesday, it is generally seen as a good thing. But that was not the case among Panthers fans on Twitter, many of whom welcomed the news with taunts and sarcasm after witnessing the line clash over the past two weeks.

If the pass is a quick fix to fix the safety issues that have plagued the line, then tackling Cam Irving and bringing Pat Elflin back into the lineup would seem like it. Well, that and a healthy Christian McCaffrey, whose status in Sunday’s game against Minnesota is in question.

McCaffrey is the “in case of emergency, break glass” outlet Sam Darnold has missed the last two games, when he was sacked eight times and absorbed a total of 19 hits in losses to Dallas and Philadelphia. McCaffrey’s ability to spot the blitz and run away from linebackers in man coverage will help with any offense in the short term.

But it takes time and/or money to fine-tune the Panthers’ offensive line for the long haul figures. Owner David Tepper has plenty of the latter, and the Panthers have enough cap space over the next two years. But after three playoff-less seasons since buying the team, Tepper’s patience is waning on the former.

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