Josef Mengele And His Gruesome Nazi Experiments At Auschwitz

Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical facility at Auschwitz was perhaps the most horrifying place the Holocaust produced. Who was this man behind it all and what made him the notorious “Angel of Death”? Ask a person to name the worst crime in living memory and the Holocaust will probably be what they come up with. Ask … Read more

Titanoboa Was The 50-Foot Prehistoric Snake Of Your Nightmares

Titanoboa simply has no equal among modern snakes — with even the anaconda paling in comparison. Deep in a South American jungle, a huge snake once stalked its prey. After slinking closer and closer to an unsuspecting animal, the silent hunter would strike in a flash and snap its victim’s neck in one swift move. … Read more

Meet The Gong Farmers Who Dealt With Medieval Waste

These nocturnal poop collectors of Tudor-era England spent their time knee-deep in cesspits full of human excrement. Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesAn 1849 illustration of two nightmen as published in London’s The Morning Chronicle. On moonlit nights during the Tudor period of Wales and England, darkened silhouettes would toil below the castle. They were the “nightmen,” digging … Read more

11 Real-Life Murders That Were Inspired By Horror Movies

From “Scream” to “Friday the 13th,” some of the most famous horror movies of all time have inspired people to commit heinous real-life crimes. The bloody visions of the horror genre have been blamed — fairly or not — for a variety of society’s ills over the years. And while modern understandings of psychology have … Read more

Indian Man Murders Wife With Deadly Cobra Snake To Inherit Her Jewelry

Tired of caring for his disabled wife and plotting to find a new one, Sooraj Kumar found himself a snake handler and unleashed a deadly serpent on his slumbering wife — twice. AFP/Getty ImagesSooraj S. Kumar was sentenced to 17 years for poisoning and destruction of evidence — and two life terms for murder and attempted … Read more

Brazilian Pedophile Arrest Yields $3 Million Trove Of Nazi Memorabilia

While the suspect was already being arrested on child rape charges, he is now facing additional counts of racial discrimination and illegal possession of firearms. Policia Civil Rio de JaneiroLead detective Luis Armond estimated that just one of these uniforms could cost up to $289,115. Police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, arrested suspected pedophile Aylson … Read more

The Deadliest Mafia Hitmen In History And The Their Chilling Crimes

From the Five Families of New York to the organized crime syndicates of Boston, these notorious hitmen made killing a lucrative trade. Wikimedia CommonsSammy “The Bull” Gravano confessed to 19 murders. Mafia hitmen are the stuff of legend, appearing out of a back room to carry out a hit before fleeing into the night. And … Read more

Packs Of Wild Boars Are Running Wild In The Streets Of Rome

“Rome has been invaded by Gauls, Visigoths and vandals over the centuries. Now it’s facing a new menace: entire families of rubbish-greedy wild boars.” Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty ImagesThere are currently as many as 6,000 wild boars in the area in and around Rome. From sidewalks and storefronts to parks and playgrounds, wild boars have recently been … Read more

Miyuki Ishikawa, The ‘Demon Midwife’ Who Killed 100 Babies

Miyuki Ishikawa may have thought she was acting out of mercy when she killed over 100 babies — but she nevertheless might be history’s deadliest female serial killer. Wikimedia CommonsMiyuki Ishikawa was arrested in January 1948, after police uncovered dozens of victims’ remains. In the 1940s, Miyuki Ishikawa was working as a midwife in post-World … Read more

Dangerous Levels Of MDMA Found In River Near Glastonbury Festival

Experts blame public urination on the high levels of drugs in Whitelake River, which runs through the festival grounds. Wikimedia CommonsGlastonbury launched a 2019 campaign called “Don’t Pee On The Land” and claimed it had “measurable success.” The Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England is the yearly stomping ground of nearly 200,000 music fans. While the … Read more