Alexey Maresyev, The Soviet Fighter Pilot Who Flew With No Legs

After being shot down and surviving 18 days in the wilderness, Alexey Petrovich Maresyev miraculously returned to the skies to take on the Nazis — despite losing both of his legs. Wikimedia CommonsStamp depicting Soviet pilot Alexey Maresyev. Fighter pilot Alexey Maresyev is one of the historical figures not well known outside Russia. However, his … Read more

Josef Mengele And His Gruesome Nazi Experiments At Auschwitz

Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical facility at Auschwitz was perhaps the most horrifying place the Holocaust produced. Who was this man behind it all and what made him the notorious “Angel of Death”? Ask a person to name the worst crime in living memory and the Holocaust will probably be what they come up with. Ask … Read more

Diver Finds 900-Year-Old Crusader Sword In The Mediterranean

Experts estimate that the sword dates back to the Third Crusade when Christian crusaders attempted to retake Jerusalem. JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty ImagesJacob Sharvit of the Israel Antiquities Authority holds the sword discovered by a local diver. Shlomi Katzin dove into the waters off the Carmel coast of Israel with a Go-Pro and a sense … Read more

Major Richard Winters, The Real-Life Hero Behind ‘Band Of Brothers’

Major Richard “Dick” Winters led his men in the 101st Airborne Division through the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge before being immortalized in “Band of Brothers.” U.S. Army/HBORichard Winters (left) and Damian Lewis portraying him (right) in Band of Brothers. The Greatest Generation was got its name from the spirit of young … Read more

Meet Vlad The Impaler, History’s Real Dracula

Responsible for killing 80,000 people and impaling 20,000, Vlad Dracula committed some of history’s grisliest acts as ruler of 15th-century Wallachia. In 1897, writer Bram Stoker published the novel Dracula, the classic story of a vampire named Count Dracula who feeds on human blood, hunting his victims and killing them in the dead of night. … Read more

Inside John F. Kennedy’s Navy Heroism During World War II

When John F. Kennedy’s torpedo boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer in 1943, he saved his crew in dramatic fashion, earning both the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Heart. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and MuseumFuture president John F. Kennedy in the Navy, where he served in World War II. John … Read more

11 Resistance Fighters Who Took On The Nazis During World War II

From the Edelweiss Pirates in Germany to the six-year-old war hero in France, these resistance fighters risked everything during the European theatre of World War II. By the late 1930s, Nazism was on the march throughout Europe. But as Adolf Hitler and his forces swept across the continent, people from all over stood up to … Read more

77 Historical Photos That Dive Deep Into Humanity’s Past

These unforgettable pictures from history capture everything from the Holocaust to Woodstock to the Civil Rights heroics of Mister Rogers. 1 of 78 This powerful photo from the Holocaust captures the immense relief of Jewish prisoners freed by the U.S. Army in April 1945. They were being transferred to the Theresienstadt ghetto and concentration camp … Read more

Bobby Sands, The Hunger Striker Who Died For A United Ireland

Imprisoned in HM Prison Maze in connection with a bombing, Bobby Sands spent the last 66 days of his life on a hunger strike — fighting for the status of a political prisoner. PA Images via Getty ImagesBobby Sands, who died on hunger strike in 1981 at the age of 27. Bobby Sands’ earliest memories … Read more

How Edward Bernays Became The ‘Father Of Public Relations’

As Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Louis Bernays combined psychology with public relations to sell everything from bacon to cigarettes — and even a coup. Bettmann/Getty ImagesEdward Bernays at his desk at age 89. Edward Bernays was a mere business consultant on the surface, but in practice he was a skilled surgeon of popular opinion. Bernays … Read more