33 Velvet Underground Pictures That Capture Their Wild Heyday

As the house band at Andy Warhol’s Factory, The Velvet Underground played at some of New York City’s wildest and most debauched parties, all while changing the sound of rock forever. 1 of 34 From left to right, The Velvet Underground in its original lineup: Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, Maureen “Moe” Tucker, Nico, and John … Read more

The Real Annabelle Doll’s True Story Of Terror

The true story of the original Annabelle doll began when she terrorized her first owner in 1970, forcing Ed and Lorraine Warren to take her to their Occult Museum for safekeeping. She sits in a glass case bearing a hand-carved inscription of the Lord’s Prayer while a pleasant smile rests on her happy face sitting … Read more

Franz Reichelt, The Man Who Died Jumping Off The Eiffel Tower

Inventor Franz Reichelt had so much confidence in his homemade parachute that he tested it in front of a crowd at the Eiffel Tower — but his hopes were immediately dashed. Wikimedia CommonsFranz Reichelt poses in his infamous parachute suit. They say “pride cometh before the fall.” In few circumstances can this be applied so … Read more