9 True Scary Stories That Are Freakier Than Fiction

Whether it’s ghosts, UFOs, or monsters, these creepy real-life stories represent the scariest tales from the annals of human history. While horror movies can surely leave us terrified, it’s the true scary stories from history that really burrow into our brains and stay there. From true crime to the paranormal to the just plain eerie, … Read more

Why The Real Demon Valak Is Even Scarier Than ‘The Nun’

Although Valak is depicted in “The Nun” as a habit-wearing spirit, the real demon appears as a child riding a two-headed dragon — at least according to a 17th-century demon-hunting manual. Skeptics are quick to dismiss the veracity of horror movies that claim to be based on real events, but references to the demon Valak … Read more

Meet Vlad The Impaler, History’s Real Dracula

Responsible for killing 80,000 people and impaling 20,000, Vlad Dracula committed some of history’s grisliest acts as ruler of 15th-century Wallachia. In 1897, writer Bram Stoker published the novel Dracula, the classic story of a vampire named Count Dracula who feeds on human blood, hunting his victims and killing them in the dead of night. … Read more

From Homecoming Queen To Manson Family Murderess

Leslie Van Houten joined the Manson Family in 1968. The next summer, she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca to death. Before Leslie Van Houten stabbed Rosemary LaBianca in the back 16 times, she was a normal, middle-class girl who was homecoming queen at her high school. She was the second eldest child of an all-American family and … Read more

11 Real-Life Horror Stories That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

From Alexander the Great being buried alive to one man paying to watch a little girl be cannibalized, these true horror stories go way beyond Rated R. Anatoly Moskvin was a history buff. He spoke 13 languages and worked as a journalist in Russia’s fifth-largest city, Nizhny Novgorod. His parents believed they had a healthy … Read more

Meet George Jung, The Fearless Cocaine Smuggler Who Inspired ‘Blow’

While in prison for smuggling 660 pounds of weed in 1974, “Boston George” Jung met Colombian drug trafficker Carlos Lehder. After they were released, they helped make Pablo Escobar the wealthiest drug lord in the world. Few drug dealers have ever had the same level of connections, charisma, and influence as American drug smuggler George … Read more

Franz Reichelt, The Man Who Died Jumping Off The Eiffel Tower

Inventor Franz Reichelt had so much confidence in his homemade parachute that he tested it in front of a crowd at the Eiffel Tower — but his hopes were immediately dashed. Wikimedia CommonsFranz Reichelt poses in his infamous parachute suit. They say “pride cometh before the fall.” In few circumstances can this be applied so … Read more

History’s Largest Predator That Mysteriously Vanished

Megalodon’s name literally means ‘big tooth’ and with good reason — its jaws were strong enough to crush a car. The megalodon shark was one of the fiercest and largest predators to ever swim in the ocean. Capable of reaching lengths twice the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex and carrying a bite force that could crush … Read more

The Story Of Christopher Duntsch, Killer Surgeon Known As ‘Dr. Death’

Over the course of just two years, Christopher Duntsch — known as Dr. Death — operated on 38 patients in the Dallas area, leaving 31 paralyzed or seriously injured and two of them dead. From 2011 to 2013, dozens of patients in the Dallas area woke up after their surgeries with horrible pain, numbness and, … Read more

How Cheryl Bradshaw Chose A Serial Killer On “The Dating Game”

Cheryl Bradshaw’s Dating Game episode aired in September 1978, but it would be another year before anyone would learn Rodney Alcala was one of America’s worst serial killers. YouTubeCheryl Bradshaw on The Dating Game. Cheryl Bradshaw was thrilled when producers picked her as a contestant for The Dating Game in 1978. The popular television matchmaking … Read more