Officials Plan To Search Defunct New Mexico Indian School For Bodies

The defunct Alburquerque Indian School ran from 1881 until the 1980s and its grounds may hold 75 – 100 bodies. Albuquerque Museum, gift of Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New MexicoStudents standing in front of the Albuquerque Indian School circa 1880. Throughout summer 2021, indigenous people in Canada used ground-penetrating radar at … Read more

3 Children Found Living With Dead Brother In Texas ‘House Of Horrors’

The children, ages 15, 10, and seven, had been left alone in their Houston apartment for an “extended period of time.” KHOU/TwitterPolice say the oldest child was taking care of the others. For months, perhaps longer, a nondescript Houston apartment building hid a nightmare. Within its stucco yellow walls, four young siblings had been abandoned … Read more

Inside The Dark History Of The ‘America First’ Movement

The original America First Committee began as an anti-war movement devoted to keeping the U.S. out of World War II. But it quickly evolved into something far more ugly. Donald Trump was not the first leader to rally crowds behind the slogan “America First,” nor was he the only person to ever support it. In … Read more

Inside Byberry Mental Hospital, Philadelphia’s House Of Horrors

The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry tormented its patients with almost no consequences from its opening in 1911 until it was finally shut down in 1990. Public DomainThe “violent ward” at Byberry mental hospital. 1943. “Thousands spend their days – often for weeks at a stretch – locked in devices euphemistically called ‘restraints’: thick leather … Read more

This Week In History News, Oct. 17

Mysterious shipwreck found on a Latvian beach, date of Vikings’ arrival in the Americas uncovered, oldest-known depiction of a ghost found on an ancient tablet. 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Uncovered Just Beneath The Sand On A Beach In Latvia Rīgas Brīvosta/FacebookJust after archaeologists began digging, it became clear that a vessel measuring in at a whopping 40 … Read more

Mary Sawyer And The True Story Of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’

Mary Sawyer claimed that a boy named John Roulstone wrote the classic nursery rhyme for her in 1816, but the real origin of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” is subject to intense debate — and has never been setted. Transcendental Graphics/Getty ImagesA lithographic cigar box label from 1870 featuring Hale’s “Mary’s Lamb” nursery rhyme. “Mary … Read more

Matthew Taylor Coleman, The QAnon-Obsessed Dad Who Killed His Kids

Matthew Taylor Coleman of Santa Barbara, California claimed that his two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter had “serpent DNA,” so he allegedly killed them with a spear gun. InstagramMatthew Taylor Coleman has pleaded not guilty to shooting his two young children to death with a spear gun. The QAnon conspiracy theory had bloody, real-world consequences in … Read more

Meet Tad Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s Youngest Son

Growing up in the White House, Tad Lincoln was a “notorious hellion,” a wide-eyed observer of the catastrophe of the Civil War, and the apple of his father’s eye. Library of CongressTad Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln’s youngest son. In the fall of 1860, seven-year-old Tad Lincoln learned that his father had been elected president. He … Read more

Hundreds Of Bodies From Rhode Island Institution Buried Under Highway

In the 1960s, Rhode Island built state Route 37 right over nearly 1,000 graves of people who had died at a nearby state institution for the poor, sick, and mentally ill. WPRI/YouTubeThe bodies buried under Rhode Island’s Route 37 were part of a state cemetery for the poor and mentally ill. Tens of thousands of … Read more

8 Salem Witch Trial Victims Who Were Executed For Being Witches

In colonial Massachusetts, more than 200 people were accused of being witches and wizards — and 20 of them were killed when they couldn’t prove otherwise. From 1692 to 1693, it didn’t take much to spark suspicion of witchcraft in Salem. Sometimes, it just took town gossip to send victims of the Salem witch trials … Read more