Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, The ‘Tagged Killer’ Brought Down By An App

Had the family of Khalil Wheeler-Weaver’s third victim not lured him into a sting operation via social media, the Tagged Killer’s murder streak may have continued. Public Domain Khalil Wheeler-Weaver went on a three-month killing spree that only ended when his final victim’s family used the Tagged app to trap him. Fifty-three minutes before he … Read more

Franz Reichelt, The Man Who Died Jumping Off The Eiffel Tower

Inventor Franz Reichelt had so much confidence in his homemade parachute that he tested it in front of a crowd at the Eiffel Tower — but his hopes were immediately dashed. Wikimedia CommonsFranz Reichelt poses in his infamous parachute suit. They say “pride cometh before the fall.” In few circumstances can this be applied so … Read more

Inside Steve Jobs’ Death — And How He Could Have Been Saved

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died after a battle with a rare pancreatic cancer at age 56. But he may have lived longer if he sought proper medical care in time. Wikimedia Commons Steve Jobs died in 2011, a little over a year after he presented the iPhone 4. When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs … Read more