This Week In History News, Oct. 3

Medieval burial vault unearthed in Belgium, trove of illegal Nazi memorabilia discovered in Brazil, secrets of Marie Antoinette’s intimate correspondence unveiled. Construction Workers In Belgium Happen Upon Intact Medieval Burial Vault With 50 Skeletons Inside RaakvlakIn an effort to preserve the tomb from decay, archaeologists have made a complete 3D model of it and even … Read more

Brazilian Pedophile Arrest Yields $3 Million Trove Of Nazi Memorabilia

While the suspect was already being arrested on child rape charges, he is now facing additional counts of racial discrimination and illegal possession of firearms. Policia Civil Rio de JaneiroLead detective Luis Armond estimated that just one of these uniforms could cost up to $289,115. Police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, arrested suspected pedophile Aylson … Read more

This Week In History News, Sept. 26 – Oct. 2

The unearthed gate to an ancient Greek Temple of Zeus, an 800-year-old mass grave in Peru, and early humans’ attempts to domesticate the world’s most dangerous bird. The post This Week In History News, Sept. 26 – Oct. 2 appeared first on All That's Interesting. Source link

Peruvian Pipeline Workers Unearth 800-Year-Old Mass Grave

Uncovered in the ancient city of Chilca, these bodies were buried with a wealth of funerary offerings, including food, shells, and a variety of musical instruments. CaliddaThis new discovery is just one of 300 archaeological finds that the Calidda natural gas company has made in the last 16 years. While working on pipelines near the … Read more

Meet The CIA Agent Who Hunted Down Che Guevara In Bolivia

Félix Ismael Rodríguez spent his life as a special agent with the CIA fighting communism in Central and South America — and got his hands very dirty along the way. YouTube/American Veterans CenterFélix Rodríguez (center-right) in Vietnam. Félix Rodríguez is no stranger to regime change wars. He was born in Cuba to a wealthy, land-owning … Read more

Víctor Jara, The Chilean Folk Singer Killed For His Songs Of Peace

Often described as the voice of Chile’s poor, Víctor Jara was brutally tortured and executed during the military coup that installed General Augusto Pinochet as dictator in 1973. Gems/Redferns/via Getty ImagesVíctor Jara, c. 1960. Jara was a leader in Chile’s folk music scene who was executed during Chile’s 1973 coup for his socialist politics. Like … Read more