How Ivan The Terrible Became Russia’s Most Brutal Tsar

Ivan IV Vasilyevich rose to power in the 16th century to become the first tsar of Russia — and earned the nickname “Ivan the Terrible” along the way. Wikimedia CommonsNobody knows what Ivan the Terrible really looked like, but artists throughout history have made him their subject. From 1547 to 1584, Ivan the Terrible reigned … Read more

Inside The Dark History Of The ‘America First’ Movement

The original America First Committee began as an anti-war movement devoted to keeping the U.S. out of World War II. But it quickly evolved into something far more ugly. Donald Trump was not the first leader to rally crowds behind the slogan “America First,” nor was he the only person to ever support it. In … Read more

Matthew Taylor Coleman, The QAnon-Obsessed Dad Who Killed His Kids

Matthew Taylor Coleman of Santa Barbara, California claimed that his two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter had “serpent DNA,” so he allegedly killed them with a spear gun. InstagramMatthew Taylor Coleman has pleaded not guilty to shooting his two young children to death with a spear gun. The QAnon conspiracy theory had bloody, real-world consequences in … Read more

Meet Tad Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s Youngest Son

Growing up in the White House, Tad Lincoln was a “notorious hellion,” a wide-eyed observer of the catastrophe of the Civil War, and the apple of his father’s eye. Library of CongressTad Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln’s youngest son. In the fall of 1860, seven-year-old Tad Lincoln learned that his father had been elected president. He … Read more

How Dolores Huerta Became A Latina Civil Rights Icon

Ever since the 1950s, Dolores Huerta has fought tirelessly to improve the lives of immigrants, women, and the working poor — despite nearly being killed in the process. Dolores Huerta Foundation/George Ballis/Take Stock/The Image Works Dolores Huerta rallies farmworkers during a strike in 1969. Faced with laws that made words like “strike” and “boycott” illegal, … Read more

Princess Ka’iulani, The Last Heir To The Hawaiian Throne

Before dying at just 23, Princess Victoria Ka’iulani was the last heir to the Hawaiian crown — and one of its last hopes in keeping the monarchy alive in the face of American imperialism. Wikimedia CommonsPrincess Ka’iulani was the final heir to the throne of Hawaii before American sugar barons toppled the monarchy and annexed … Read more

The Surprisingly Tolerant Origins Of The Skinhead Movement

Before linking with neo-Nazism, skinhead culture started out as an alliance between young English and Jamaican working-class communities in 1960s London. John Downing/Getty ImagesA police officer detains a skinhead in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. April 7, 1980. They just weren’t having it anymore. Sick of the hippie movement’s empty promises and the austerity that pervaded the British … Read more

Inside John F. Kennedy’s Navy Heroism During World War II

When John F. Kennedy’s torpedo boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer in 1943, he saved his crew in dramatic fashion, earning both the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Heart. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and MuseumFuture president John F. Kennedy in the Navy, where he served in World War II. John … Read more

X-Ray Analysis Reveals Text In Marie Antoinette’s Censored Love Letters

The analysis of Marie Antoinette’s letters to a Swedish count revealed words like “beloved” and “tender friend,” suggesting their relationship was more than a close friendship. French National Museum of Natural HistoryThe swirly black ink atop the text in Marie Antoinette’s letters had made them impossible to read until now. For two centuries, a censor’s … Read more

The Untold Story Of Pauli Murray’s Fight For Civil Rights

As early as the 1940s, Pauli Murray began to challenge segregation, sex discrimination, and gender norms. She later became a pioneering lawyer and an Episcopal priest. Wikimedia CommonsIn addition to being a civil right’s activist and women’s right’s activist, Pauli Murray also became an Episcopalian priest. Pauli Murray defies categorization. A legal scholar, civil rights … Read more