Alexey Maresyev, The Soviet Fighter Pilot Who Flew With No Legs

After being shot down and surviving 18 days in the wilderness, Alexey Petrovich Maresyev miraculously returned to the skies to take on the Nazis — despite losing both of his legs. Wikimedia CommonsStamp depicting Soviet pilot Alexey Maresyev. Fighter pilot Alexey Maresyev is one of the historical figures not well known outside Russia. However, his … Read more

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, The Mummified Sailor Found Adrift At Sea

When fishermen found Manfred Fritz Bajorat inside his yacht as it was drifting in the Philippine Sea in 2016, his body was completely mummified right in the very spot where he died. Barobo Police StationManfred Fritz Bajorat died of a heart attack and was preserved aboard his ship by the dry, salty ocean winds. The … Read more

How Ivan The Terrible Became Russia’s Most Brutal Tsar

Ivan IV Vasilyevich rose to power in the 16th century to become the first tsar of Russia — and earned the nickname “Ivan the Terrible” along the way. Wikimedia CommonsNobody knows what Ivan the Terrible really looked like, but artists throughout history have made him their subject. From 1547 to 1584, Ivan the Terrible reigned … Read more

Mary Sawyer And The True Story Of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’

Mary Sawyer claimed that a boy named John Roulstone wrote the classic nursery rhyme for her in 1816, but the real origin of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” is subject to intense debate — and has never been setted. Transcendental Graphics/Getty ImagesA lithographic cigar box label from 1870 featuring Hale’s “Mary’s Lamb” nursery rhyme. “Mary … Read more

Hypatia Of Alexandria, The Intellectual Stoned To Death By A Christian Mob

One of the few women in Ancient Greek academe, Hypatia of Alexandria was a true sight to behold. And she was killed because of it. People primarily remember Hypatia of Alexandria, martyr of female intellectuals and tragic heroine, for two things: her philosophical, mathematical, and astronomical teachings and the fact that she was brutally murdered … Read more

Meet Tad Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s Youngest Son

Growing up in the White House, Tad Lincoln was a “notorious hellion,” a wide-eyed observer of the catastrophe of the Civil War, and the apple of his father’s eye. Library of CongressTad Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln’s youngest son. In the fall of 1860, seven-year-old Tad Lincoln learned that his father had been elected president. He … Read more

Yeshua And The History Behind The Real Name Of Jesus

Jesus’ real name, Yeshua, evolved over millennia in a case of transliteration. Regardless of religious belief, the name “Jesus” is nearly universally recognizable. However, it may come as a surprise that the name millions of Christians all over the world are implored not to take in vain was not actually “Jesus” at all. Controversial though … Read more

Josef Mengele And His Gruesome Nazi Experiments At Auschwitz

Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical facility at Auschwitz was perhaps the most horrifying place the Holocaust produced. Who was this man behind it all and what made him the notorious “Angel of Death”? Ask a person to name the worst crime in living memory and the Holocaust will probably be what they come up with. Ask … Read more

Sidney Reilly, The Master Spy Who Inspired James Bond

Adventurer and spy Sidney George Reilly did daring espionage work for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, earning him the moniker “Ace of Spies” — until Stalin put an end to him. Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Public Archive/Wikimedia CommonsSidney Reilly, once called “the Scarlet Pimpernel of Red Russia.” While the thrilling cloak-and-dagger of classic fictional spies … Read more

Who Killed Biggie? Inside The Shooting Death Of The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was at the height of his fame when he was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997. And to this day, no one knows who shot Biggie Smalls. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images Wallace in Chicago in September 1994. Nearly a quarter-century ago, Biggie Smalls’ death in Los Angeles shocked the hip hop world. The … Read more