3 Children Found Living With Dead Brother In Texas ‘House Of Horrors’

The children, ages 15, 10, and seven, had been left alone in their Houston apartment for an “extended period of time.” KHOU/TwitterPolice say the oldest child was taking care of the others. For months, perhaps longer, a nondescript Houston apartment building hid a nightmare. Within its stucco yellow walls, four young siblings had been abandoned … Read more

Elephant Tramples Poacher To Death In South African National Park

When rangers arrived at the scene, all that was left behind was a mangled body and the man’s cell phone, which they are now using to find his accomplices. Wikimedia CommonsAn elephant at Kruger National Park, a popular safari destination. Last Thursday, Kruger National Park rangers in South Africa received an alarming call: there was … Read more

Stone Carving Of A Man Holding His Phallus Discovered In Turkey

This 10,000-year-old relief was found alongside other carvings at a site near Göbekli Tepe, widely considered to be the world’s oldest known temple. Bekir KöskerThe figure dates back to around 8,000 B.C. Archaeologists from Istanbul University and the Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum who were investigating a site in southeastern Turkey have come across an intriguing find: … Read more

This Week In History News, Oct. 17

Mysterious shipwreck found on a Latvian beach, date of Vikings’ arrival in the Americas uncovered, oldest-known depiction of a ghost found on an ancient tablet. 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Uncovered Just Beneath The Sand On A Beach In Latvia Rīgas Brīvosta/FacebookJust after archaeologists began digging, it became clear that a vessel measuring in at a whopping 40 … Read more

Matthew Taylor Coleman, The QAnon-Obsessed Dad Who Killed His Kids

Matthew Taylor Coleman of Santa Barbara, California claimed that his two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter had “serpent DNA,” so he allegedly killed them with a spear gun. InstagramMatthew Taylor Coleman has pleaded not guilty to shooting his two young children to death with a spear gun. The QAnon conspiracy theory had bloody, real-world consequences in … Read more

Scientists Confirm Vikings Lived In North America 1,000 Years Ago

Wooden artifacts from the Norse settlement L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland show that the Vikings were living in the Americas by at least the year 1021. Dylan Industries/FlickrRecreated Norse buildings at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. For years, scholars have only been able to guess when the Vikings first stepped foot in the Americas. But … Read more

Medieval ‘Hipster’ Warrior Found Buried With Rare Ivory Comb

The items found in the 6th-century grave suggest the man was a wealthy warrior who cared about his appearance. Bavarian State Office for Monument ProtectionThe comb includes illustrations of possible gazelles, which are foreign to Europe. When archeologists came across the 1,500-year-old grave of a warrior in Bavaria, Germany, they found that it contained a … Read more

Hundreds Of Bodies From Rhode Island Institution Buried Under Highway

In the 1960s, Rhode Island built state Route 37 right over nearly 1,000 graves of people who had died at a nearby state institution for the poor, sick, and mentally ill. WPRI/YouTubeThe bodies buried under Rhode Island’s Route 37 were part of a state cemetery for the poor and mentally ill. Tens of thousands of … Read more

Oldest Drawing Of A Ghost Found On 3,500-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet

Discovered in the British Museum in London, the ancient tablet shows a lonely male spirit being taken to the afterlife by a female companion. The British MuseumThe clay tablet is 3,500 years old and was acquired by the British Museum in the 19th century. It’s only appropriate for the Halloween season that researchers have officially … Read more

Diver Finds 900-Year-Old Crusader Sword In The Mediterranean

Experts estimate that the sword dates back to the Third Crusade when Christian crusaders attempted to retake Jerusalem. JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty ImagesJacob Sharvit of the Israel Antiquities Authority holds the sword discovered by a local diver. Shlomi Katzin dove into the waters off the Carmel coast of Israel with a Go-Pro and a sense … Read more