33 Velvet Underground Pictures That Capture Their Wild Heyday

As the house band at Andy Warhol’s Factory, The Velvet Underground played at some of New York City’s wildest and most debauched parties, all while changing the sound of rock forever. 1 of 34 From left to right, The Velvet Underground in its original lineup: Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, Maureen “Moe” Tucker, Nico, and John … Read more

55 Iconic American History Photos And The Stories Behind Them

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Iconic Punk Rocker, Drug Addict, And Murderer?

Sid Vicious was the infamously troubled bassist for the Sex Pistols. But was he really a killer? 1 of 44 Sid Vicious, bassist and vocalist with punk rock band the Sex Pistols, injects himself with heroin. Circa 1978. Sunday People/Mirrorpix/Getty Images 2 of 44 Sid Vicious in a hotel room. January 1978. Richard E. Aaron/Redferns … Read more

The Newsboy Strike Of 1899, When The Newsies Fought Back

The newsboy strike of 1899 pitted poor newsies as young as seven against millionaire newspaper moguls William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer in a battle over fair wages. Wikimedia CommonsYoung newsboys like this one made up the ranks of the newsboy strike of 1899. Just before the turn of the 20th century, a powerful strike … Read more

Richard Kuklinski, The Story Of The Mafia’s Most Prolific Hitman

To his family and neighbors, Richard Kuklinski was the all-American man. To the mafia and his victims, he was the “devil himself” known as the Iceman killer. “Do you liken yourself to an assassin?” an interviewer once asked “The Iceman” Richard Kuklinski. “Assassin? It sounds so exotic,” the hitman replied with a hint of amusement … Read more