Titanoboa Was The 50-Foot Prehistoric Snake Of Your Nightmares

Titanoboa simply has no equal among modern snakes — with even the anaconda paling in comparison. Deep in a South American jungle, a huge snake once stalked its prey. After slinking closer and closer to an unsuspecting animal, the silent hunter would strike in a flash and snap its victim’s neck in one swift move. … Read more

Western False Asphodel Wildflower Found To Be Carnivorous

A recent study found that Triantha occidentalis, known as the western false asphodel, gets its nutrients by eating the innards of small insects. Wikimedia CommonsThe western false asphodel lacks a gene that would help it gain energy from sunshine, which tipped scientists off that it may be a carnivore. The western false asphodel is a … Read more

Newly Discovered Madagascar Moth Has Longest Tongue Of Any Insect

The moth, called “xanthopan praedicta,” or “Wallace’s sphinx moth,” has a tongue that stretches nearly one foot long. Minet et al. 2021Wallace’s sphinx moth, top, has a much longer tongue than the similar Morgan sphinx moth. While studying the long-necked Madagascar star orchid in 1862, Charles Darwin suddenly had an exciting thought. Some insects, he … Read more

Study Suggests Early Humans Tried Domesticating Cassowaries

Fossilized eggshells in New Guinea suggest early humans stole cassowary eggs just before they were going to hatch. Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty ImageCassowaries have been compared to dinosaurs. The colorful cassowary is grumpy, standoffish, and can be aggressive. It even has four-inch, razor-sharp talons that can slice through human flesh. But a new … Read more

History’s Largest Predator That Mysteriously Vanished

Megalodon’s name literally means ‘big tooth’ and with good reason — its jaws were strong enough to crush a car. The megalodon shark was one of the fiercest and largest predators to ever swim in the ocean. Capable of reaching lengths twice the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex and carrying a bite force that could crush … Read more

Explorers Reach The Bottom Of Yemen’s Well Of Hell For The First Time

The Well of Hell, also called the Well of Barhout, is likely millions of years old and drops 367 feet into the earth. AFP via Getty ImagesThe “Well of Hell” sinkhole in eastern Yemen. For centuries, it’s terrified locals as a possible prison for jinn, or genies. Now, cave explorers have dropped to the bottom … Read more

Idaho Man Finds Remains Of Bow Hunter Missing Since 1968

Raymond Jones vanished 53 years ago while hunting mountain goats along Hayden Creek. Jimmy Emerson, DVM/FlickrRaymond Jones’s disappearance rattled the small, isolated town of Salmon, Idaho. In September 2021, an Idaho bow hunter decided to take a shortcut between hunting areas. As he navigated the rugged woods, he stumbled across human remains. Police have since … Read more

Drought In Utah Uncovers Ghost Town Submerged In Reservoir

The 19th-century town of Rockport was abandoned after the construction of the Wanship Dam in 1952. Devon DeweyPlummeting water levels have revealed faint traces of the former town. A devastating drought in Utah has lowered reservoir levels across the state. The receding water has revealed lost cars, an entire canyon, and, between Park City and … Read more

Why Don’t Humans Have Tails? This New Study Has A Possible Answer

Biologists suggest that humans lack tails because of a random genetic mutation that appeared 20 million years ago. Wikimedia CommonsAnimals today use their tails for a variety of purposes, but humans lost theirs millions of years ago. Humans and apes share many physical characteristics, some which have remained, and some which have evolved, but there’s … Read more