3 Children Found Living With Dead Brother In Texas ‘House Of Horrors’

The children, ages 15, 10, and seven, had been left alone in their Houston apartment for an “extended period of time.” KHOU/TwitterPolice say the oldest child was taking care of the others. For months, perhaps longer, a nondescript Houston apartment building hid a nightmare. Within its stucco yellow walls, four young siblings had been abandoned … Read more

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, The Mummified Sailor Found Adrift At Sea

When fishermen found Manfred Fritz Bajorat inside his yacht as it was drifting in the Philippine Sea in 2016, his body was completely mummified right in the very spot where he died. Barobo Police StationManfred Fritz Bajorat died of a heart attack and was preserved aboard his ship by the dry, salty ocean winds. The … Read more

Inside Byberry Mental Hospital, Philadelphia’s House Of Horrors

The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry tormented its patients with almost no consequences from its opening in 1911 until it was finally shut down in 1990. Public DomainThe “violent ward” at Byberry mental hospital. 1943. “Thousands spend their days – often for weeks at a stretch – locked in devices euphemistically called ‘restraints’: thick leather … Read more

Hypatia Of Alexandria, The Intellectual Stoned To Death By A Christian Mob

One of the few women in Ancient Greek academe, Hypatia of Alexandria was a true sight to behold. And she was killed because of it. People primarily remember Hypatia of Alexandria, martyr of female intellectuals and tragic heroine, for two things: her philosophical, mathematical, and astronomical teachings and the fact that she was brutally murdered … Read more

Matthew Taylor Coleman, The QAnon-Obsessed Dad Who Killed His Kids

Matthew Taylor Coleman of Santa Barbara, California claimed that his two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter had “serpent DNA,” so he allegedly killed them with a spear gun. InstagramMatthew Taylor Coleman has pleaded not guilty to shooting his two young children to death with a spear gun. The QAnon conspiracy theory had bloody, real-world consequences in … Read more

7 Real-Life Mad Scientists Who Make Doctor Frankenstein Look Sane

From a two-headed dog to attempts to raise the dead, these scientists performed some of the most deranged experiments of all time — often with horrific results. The term “mad scientist” conjures up images of dangerous experiments and frenzied surgeries. It also denotes a time period when science was still in its infancy, thereby excusing … Read more

Josef Mengele And His Gruesome Nazi Experiments At Auschwitz

Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical facility at Auschwitz was perhaps the most horrifying place the Holocaust produced. Who was this man behind it all and what made him the notorious “Angel of Death”? Ask a person to name the worst crime in living memory and the Holocaust will probably be what they come up with. Ask … Read more

Hundreds Of Bodies From Rhode Island Institution Buried Under Highway

In the 1960s, Rhode Island built state Route 37 right over nearly 1,000 graves of people who had died at a nearby state institution for the poor, sick, and mentally ill. WPRI/YouTubeThe bodies buried under Rhode Island’s Route 37 were part of a state cemetery for the poor and mentally ill. Tens of thousands of … Read more

8 Salem Witch Trial Victims Who Were Executed For Being Witches

In colonial Massachusetts, more than 200 people were accused of being witches and wizards — and 20 of them were killed when they couldn’t prove otherwise. From 1692 to 1693, it didn’t take much to spark suspicion of witchcraft in Salem. Sometimes, it just took town gossip to send victims of the Salem witch trials … Read more

Neighbors Outraged At Halloween Decorations Referencing Local Murders

Homeowner Amanda Gee was not only friends with the slain family but had to clean up some of their blood. Neighbors are outraged at the decorations, which she deems cathartic. MLive/YouTubeThe brutal triple-murder saw two children stabbed to death. On Jan. 22, 2003 17-year-old Jon Siesling brutally killed his mom and two younger sisters in … Read more