The Horrific History Of Indigenous Residential Schools In Canada

From 1883 to 1996, nearly 150,000 Indigenous children were forcibly taken away from their parents and sent to Canadian residential schools where they faced horrific abuse. Library and Archives Canada/FlickrChildren at an Indian Residential School in Ft. Simmons hold letters that spell out “Goodbye.” For over a century, Canada held a dark, open secret. All … Read more

Squamish Nation Plans Sustainable Development In Vancouver

The Squamish Nation expects that Senakw will provide a revenue of up to $10 billion and provide housing for Indigenous people. Revery ArchitectureA drawing of what the development will look like. In 1913, members of the Squamish Nation were forcibly removed from Senakw, a village in present-day Vancouver, Canada. Now, having won the land back, … Read more