Meet The Gong Farmers Who Dealt With Medieval Waste

These nocturnal poop collectors of Tudor-era England spent their time knee-deep in cesspits full of human excrement. Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesAn 1849 illustration of two nightmen as published in London’s The Morning Chronicle. On moonlit nights during the Tudor period of Wales and England, darkened silhouettes would toil below the castle. They were the “nightmen,” digging … Read more

Why The Blobfish Might Not Be The World’s Ugliest Animal After All

The blobfish was voted the ugliest animal in the world, but its skeleton-less biology has adapted and evolved perfectly to allow it to survive at highly-pressurized depths. If you’ve been on the internet for the past couple of years, you’ve probably encountered a photo of something called a blobfish. As the name inherently connotes, this … Read more