How Many Amps Does A Tankless Water Heater Use? (42-167 Amps)

Electric tankless heaters use exclusively electricity to heat up water. As we know, heating up water is a very demanding task. That’s why electric tankless water heaters require a strong electricity current; ie. amps. How many amps do tankless water heaters use? Tankless heaters can draw anywhere from 42 amps to 167 amps. We can … Read more

Is Gas Or Electric Cheaper? Shocking Cost Difference ($2727,60 Per Year)

What is cheaper: gas or electric? The age-old question. Pretty much every big household appliance you can think of – air conditioner, furnace, land mower, tankless water heater, fireplace, and so on – can run on either electricity or gas. The question ‘is gas or electric’ cheaper makes a lot of sense, and knowing the … Read more

4 Best Easy To Clean Humidifiers In 2021 (+ Dishwasher-Safe)

Humidifiers are notoriously difficult to clean. And they have to be cleaned on a regular basis. People who own humidifiers love their humidifiers. However, even the most perfect relationships need basic hygiene. That’s why easy-to-clean humidifiers are so popular. Unsurprisingly, the #1 complaint about humidifiers is the whole cleaning part. It’s bothersome and you have … Read more