Inside ‘Mama’ Cass Elliot’s Death — And What Really Caused It

When “Mama” Cass Elliot died on July 29, 1974, rumors spread that she had choked on a ham sandwich. But it was later revealed that the singer had died in her sleep. Michael Putland/Getty ImagesCass Elliot in 1972. “Mama” Cass Elliot initially dreamed of becoming an actress but soared to hippie-era celebrity with The Mamas … Read more

Meet George Jung, The Fearless Cocaine Smuggler Who Inspired ‘Blow’

While in prison for smuggling 660 pounds of weed in 1974, “Boston George” Jung met Colombian drug trafficker Carlos Lehder. After they were released, they helped make Pablo Escobar the wealthiest drug lord in the world. Few drug dealers have ever had the same level of connections, charisma, and influence as American drug smuggler George … Read more

Dangerous Levels Of MDMA Found In River Near Glastonbury Festival

Experts blame public urination on the high levels of drugs in Whitelake River, which runs through the festival grounds. Wikimedia CommonsGlastonbury launched a 2019 campaign called “Don’t Pee On The Land” and claimed it had “measurable success.” The Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England is the yearly stomping ground of nearly 200,000 music fans. While the … Read more