Meet Dorothy Height, The ‘Godmother’ Of The Civil Rights Movement

For nearly a century, Dorothy Height fought tirelessly for the rights of Black Americans and women of all races — even though she rarely received credit. Before she became a historical icon, Dr. Dorothy Height faced discrimination, racism, and sexism in her journey to becoming an advocate for the health and wellness of Black women … Read more

How Biddy Mason Escaped Slavery And Earned Her Fortune

After winning her freedom in 1856, Biddy Mason invested in large tracts of land in downtown L.A., and she used her growing fortune to assist the city’s poorest people. Levi Clancy/Wikimedia CommonsA portrait of Biddy Mason displayed in downtown L.A.’s Biddy Mason Memorial Park. Born into slavery and illiterate all her life, Biddy Mason was … Read more

Cathay Williams, The First Black Woman To Enlist In The U.S. Army

In 1866, Cathay Williams changed her name to “William Cathay,” disguised herself as a man, and became a Buffalo Soldier. U.S. ArmyA painting of Cathay Williams. At the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, over 400 women disguised themselves in order to join in the fray. But 17-year-old Cathay Williams, a Black slave, … Read more

77 Historical Photos That Dive Deep Into Humanity’s Past

These unforgettable pictures from history capture everything from the Holocaust to Woodstock to the Civil Rights heroics of Mister Rogers. 1 of 78 This powerful photo from the Holocaust captures the immense relief of Jewish prisoners freed by the U.S. Army in April 1945. They were being transferred to the Theresienstadt ghetto and concentration camp … Read more

Where Black Americans Weren’t Allowed After Dark

Known for excluding Black people and other minorities, sundown towns are historically all-white communities in the United States with extremely troubling pasts. ullstein bild/Getty ImagesThe Chicago suburb of Cicero was one of the most infamous sundown towns to ever exist in Illinois. After just one Black family moved into an apartment there in 1951, a … Read more