Hundreds Of Ornate Roman-Era Stone-Cut Tombs Discovered In Turkey

Excavations in the ancient Roman city of Blaundos revealed 400 chamber tombs that had been cut into the side of a nearby canyon about 1,800 years ago. Blaundos Archeological Excavation Project ArchiveThe tombs contain motifs of vines, grapes, flowers, animals, and mythological figures. At first glance, the Uşak canyons in western Turkey look ragged and … Read more

55 Iconic American History Photos And The Stories Behind Them

From the Civil War to the Space Race, these powerful pictures from American history show the past as it really happened. 1 of 56 In 1969, 400,000 people descended on the tiny town of Bethel, New York for the Woodstock Music Festival. The festival ran from Aug. 15-18, and featured dozens of musical acts including … Read more

30 Famous Statues And Sculptures From Around The World

1 of 31 The Apennine Colossus, located in Florence, Italy, is part man and part mountain. This amazing statue, designed by a sculptor named Giambologna in the late 1500s, stands 35 feet tall. Inside, there are rooms with different functions; an area behind his head was reserved for a fireplace meant to blow smoke through … Read more

Explorers Reach The Bottom Of Yemen’s Well Of Hell For The First Time

The Well of Hell, also called the Well of Barhout, is likely millions of years old and drops 367 feet into the earth. AFP via Getty ImagesThe “Well of Hell” sinkhole in eastern Yemen. For centuries, it’s terrified locals as a possible prison for jinn, or genies. Now, cave explorers have dropped to the bottom … Read more

Al Jawf Camel Carvings Found To Be Older Than The Pyramids

If researchers’ dating estimates are correct, these would be the oldest surviving three-dimensional animal reliefs of this size in the entire world. FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty ImageJust one of the many enormous camel carvings in Al Jawf, Saudi Arabia. When researchers first uncovered the enormous stone camel carvings at Al Jawf, Saudi Arabia in 2018, … Read more