Meet The Gong Farmers Who Dealt With Medieval Waste

These nocturnal poop collectors of Tudor-era England spent their time knee-deep in cesspits full of human excrement. Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesAn 1849 illustration of two nightmen as published in London’s The Morning Chronicle. On moonlit nights during the Tudor period of Wales and England, darkened silhouettes would toil below the castle. They were the “nightmen,” digging … Read more

Sidney Reilly, The Master Spy Who Inspired James Bond

Adventurer and spy Sidney George Reilly did daring espionage work for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, earning him the moniker “Ace of Spies” — until Stalin put an end to him. Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Public Archive/Wikimedia CommonsSidney Reilly, once called “the Scarlet Pimpernel of Red Russia.” While the thrilling cloak-and-dagger of classic fictional spies … Read more

8 Salem Witch Trial Victims Who Were Executed For Being Witches

In colonial Massachusetts, more than 200 people were accused of being witches and wizards — and 20 of them were killed when they couldn’t prove otherwise. From 1692 to 1693, it didn’t take much to spark suspicion of witchcraft in Salem. Sometimes, it just took town gossip to send victims of the Salem witch trials … Read more

Neighbors Outraged At Halloween Decorations Referencing Local Murders

Homeowner Amanda Gee was not only friends with the slain family but had to clean up some of their blood. Neighbors are outraged at the decorations, which she deems cathartic. MLive/YouTubeThe brutal triple-murder saw two children stabbed to death. On Jan. 22, 2003 17-year-old Jon Siesling brutally killed his mom and two younger sisters in … Read more

New Zealand Fires State-Appointed Wizard Ian Brackenbury Channell

After 23 years on the payroll of Christchurch, New Zealand, the city council has closed its books on Ian Brackenbury Channell — ending the unprecedented reign of the world’s only state-appointed wizard. Martin Hunter/Getty ImagesThe Wizard awaits the arrival of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge during their April 2014 visit to Christchurch, New … Read more

9 True Scary Stories That Are Freakier Than Fiction

Whether it’s ghosts, UFOs, or monsters, these creepy real-life stories represent the scariest tales from the annals of human history. While horror movies can surely leave us terrified, it’s the true scary stories from history that really burrow into our brains and stay there. From true crime to the paranormal to the just plain eerie, … Read more

​​What Is The Blarney Stone And Why Do People Kiss It?

Installed at the top of Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland, the Blarney Stone can only be kissed while hanging upside down and suspended over thin air — yet countless people line up to do it each year. Flickr/Pat O’MalleyAbout 400,000 people kiss the Blarney Stone every year. The Blarney Stone would undoubtedly be just … Read more

The Fugu Plan, Japan’s Attempt To Import Jews During The Holocaust

In the 1930s, Japan launched the so-called “Fugu Plan” to draw in tens of thousands of Jewish refugees in order to bolster the country’s economic prosperity. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Noemi Faingersch SinclairFamilies like this one in Harbin, China made up the thousands-strong Jewish communities which Japanese officers hoped to replicate in … Read more

The Man Slowly Crushed To Death For Being A Witch

Giles Corey and his wife Martha were already outsiders in the farming village of Salem, Massachusetts when they were accused of witchcraft. They subsequently faced a torturous fate. Giles Corey was a prosperous farmer with a bit of a dark past. An upright and proud man, he had a few times escaped the punishments of … Read more

Brazilian Pedophile Arrest Yields $3 Million Trove Of Nazi Memorabilia

While the suspect was already being arrested on child rape charges, he is now facing additional counts of racial discrimination and illegal possession of firearms. Policia Civil Rio de JaneiroLead detective Luis Armond estimated that just one of these uniforms could cost up to $289,115. Police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, arrested suspected pedophile Aylson … Read more