Meet Dorothy Height, The ‘Godmother’ Of The Civil Rights Movement

For nearly a century, Dorothy Height fought tirelessly for the rights of Black Americans and women of all races — even though she rarely received credit. Before she became a historical icon, Dr. Dorothy Height faced discrimination, racism, and sexism in her journey to becoming an advocate for the health and wellness of Black women … Read more

12,000-Year-Old Mastodon Tooth Found By Six-Year-Old Michigan Boy

The boy is probably the first to touch the tooth in thousands of years, according to a local paleontology museum collection manager. Mary GagnonThe 12,000-year-old tooth belonged to a juvenile mastodon. While hiking with his family through the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester Hills on Labor Day, six-year-old Julian Gagnon found a priceless souvenir. … Read more

77 Historical Photos That Dive Deep Into Humanity’s Past

These unforgettable pictures from history capture everything from the Holocaust to Woodstock to the Civil Rights heroics of Mister Rogers. 1 of 78 This powerful photo from the Holocaust captures the immense relief of Jewish prisoners freed by the U.S. Army in April 1945. They were being transferred to the Theresienstadt ghetto and concentration camp … Read more

Explorers Reach The Bottom Of Yemen’s Well Of Hell For The First Time

The Well of Hell, also called the Well of Barhout, is likely millions of years old and drops 367 feet into the earth. AFP via Getty ImagesThe “Well of Hell” sinkhole in eastern Yemen. For centuries, it’s terrified locals as a possible prison for jinn, or genies. Now, cave explorers have dropped to the bottom … Read more